Our history

We celebrate our 20 years !

Founded in 2001, Elafood started its seafood import business with scallops and live lobsters from the USA. Over time, we have opened different import offices in Europe and sourced products from other origins, including fish from Northern Europe, living in the cold waters of the planet, renowned for the quality of its meat.

Today we have become an important player in the seafood business, specializing in live, cooked and frozen shellfish, and in the marketing of Northern European white fish.


Since its establishment in 2001, ELAFOOD has recorded an important growth dynamic, thanks to the development of its distribution network, through its subsidiaries in France, Italy, and the USA.


– 2001 – Establishment of the ELAFOOD company.

– 2002 – Establishment of the ELAFOOD Italy office

– 2002 – Launching of the fresh scallops from the USA.

– 2003 – ELAFOOD becomes the first importer of fresh scallops from the USA in Europe.

– 2003 – Beginning of importation of live Lobsters from USA / Canada.

– 2005 – Beginning of importation of Icelandic Cod Backs.

– 2005 – Establishment of ELAFOOD Spain

– 2007 – Launch of the Lobster meat “ELITE PRIZE” for innovation and “PRACTICAL PRIZE” at the European Seafood Expo in Brussels.

– 2007 – ELAFOOD establishes a foothold in the USA by setting up in Boston.

– 2008 – Introduction of frozen products.

– 2014 – Elafood obtains IFS broker certification

– 2016 – Elafood launches its own brands of Oysters

– 2020 – Launch of online sales sites: la-mer-chez-vous.fr, leshuitresdandre.


The group’s objective is to constantly offer its customers products of impeccable quality and freshness: “The Best of the Sea”.


Our role as an importer is to understand the needs of our customers, whose history, culture and standards are different for each country. Our global strategies are based on local specificities, and that makes the exercise extremely complicated.

In order to carry out its function, ELAFOOD has a young, dynamic and efficient team, sharing the same passion of the job.


We consider a business relationship to be long-term, so we value a healthy, fair and transparent relationship with our partners, customers and suppliers.

Our business depends on natural resources and we are aware of our responsibility towards them at our level and the role we have within the value chain to contribute to their preservation

Elafood Goals

To source and distribute the best of the sea by guaranteeing a regularity of quality and supplies throughout the year, as quickly as possible from the sea to the plate.